Two Sparrows on a branch Illustration retro vintage Japanese wall art print


Vintage Japanese Wall Art Print. Two Sparrows on a branch Illustration by Wantanabe Seitei.  Beautiful Japanese Artwork made to order either as an unframed print, or framed for you.

Printed onto high grade art paper, using high grade archival pigment inks.

Frames are FSC sustainably produced pine frames with either black, or white smooth matt finish. All framed prints arrive ready to hang, and have perspex window which makes these both safer, and lighter when hanging on your wall.

Sizes Unframed (approx)
(A4 21cm x 30cm) (A3 30cm x 42cm) (A2 42cm x 59cm)

Sizes Framed (approx)
(A4 32cm x 40cm) (A3 45cm x 55cm) (A2 55cm x 75cm)


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